HIPERTRANS S.A currently offers its services to to various sectors: construction, industry, defense and art.

  • Each and every service that we offer to our clients is planned and studied carefully so that every possible incident is taken care of.
  • All ideas and possible technical solutions are weighed up so that the pre-established itinerary can be followed with the maximum security measures.
  • The team that realizes the services is completely trained, technically and professionally, and in constant adaptation to the means of special transportation, keeping in mind the security measures that guarantee a job well done.

A constant of this company is to have at our disposal the technical means to offer our services, efficiency and security.
This has taken us to the continuous state of renovation of our fleet, adapting them to the most advanced technological advances and road regulations in Europe.

Ctra. de Algete, Km. 3,5. Polígono Río de Janeiro La Pelaya, 6. 28110 ALGETE (Madrid)
Telf.: +34 91 628 14 46 Fax: +34 91 628 24 88
E-mail: info@hipertrans.com