HIPERTRANS S.A, was created in 1986 as a means of transporting the machinery belonging to the group of companies to which it is a part of. The goal was to achieve the necessary qualities to meet the needs of a business as demanding as earth moving.

The experience gained during the first five years after its creation allowed us to venture out to an exterior market. Our guarantee of reliability and satisfaction lead us to the achievement of many long-distance contracts thanks to our specialized fleet that meets the demands of our clients.

Our goal is to offer the most adequate response to the needs of our clients and their projects. To achieve this, we are constantly renovating and adapting alternatives to meet the demands and the guarantees of security that are estipulated by the European Union as far as special transportation goes.

Ctra. de Algete, Km. 3,5. Polígono Río de Janeiro La Pelaya, 6. 28110 ALGETE (Madrid)
Telf.: +34 91 628 14 46 Fax: +34 91 628 24 88
E-mail: info@hipertrans.com