Our company adapts to the needs of our clients. With just a single call everything is put into gear, reaching a response in execution and costs that nears real-time. This can include viability studies, loading maneuvers, authorizations, escorts, transportation, unloading, storage and distribution management...

Our staff is trained to offer a complete and professional service to meet the market's demands.

Coordination and objectivity are the tools we use to obtain maximum satisfaction from our clients, letting them know at all times the progress of the requested service.

Our areas of activity are:

  • Cost analysis.
  • Record processing.
  • Viability studies.
  • Escort management.
  • Loading and unloading. Manual and machine-assisted.
  • Transports. Light, medium and heavy.
  • Cargo storage.
  • Cargo distribution.
Ctra. de Algete, Km. 3,5. Polígono Río de Janeiro La Pelaya, 6. 28110 ALGETE (Madrid)
Telf.: +34 91 628 14 46 Fax: +34 91 628 24 88
E-mail: info@hipertrans.com